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Financial Policy

JRE aims at stable asset management on a medium-to long term basis by maintaining sound financial position.

Secure sound financial position

Secure sound financial position

(Note) Interest-bearing debt ratio (LTV) (%) = Interest bearing debts/ Total assets ×100


■ Issuance of investment units

JRE procures funds by issuance of investment units to allocate funds for repaymaent of loans and acquisition of assets, etc.

■ Interest-bearing debt

JRE mainly obtains loans from financial institutions for property acquisition and also issue investment corporation bonds for the same purpose.

  Loans Investment Corporation Bonds
Purpose Funds for acquisition of assets, repairing cost and operation fee for properties in its possesions
Limit Up to JPY one trillion
Lenders Qualified institutional investors
Collateral Invested assets may be provided as collateral in some cases.

Financing policy

■ Secure capability of financing

JRE secures the capability of fund raising with long-term and large amount at low interest rate for stable management.

■ Long-term and fixed interest-bearing debt

JRE maintains high ratio of long-term and fixed interest-bearing debt in case of risks causing from higher interst rate.


JRE adopts LTV target level in the range of 30% for the conservative financing.

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