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Please read the following terms and conditions of use before using this website.

The information on this website is intended only to provide information to readers. It is not intended to solicit investment or provide recommendations to buy particular products. In addition, the information provided on this website does not constitute the disclosure documents or investment management reports required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law or the Law Concerning Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations of Japan, or those specified by the listing rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Of all the descriptions on this website, those that do not describe past and present factual information are related to forecasts. Such forecasts are provided under certain assumptions and judgments available at the time of posting such information on the website, and they therefore possess inherent unknown risks and uncertainties, and they may be impacted by such as risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors. Accordingly, those forecasts do not guarantee the actual future performance, business results, or financial standing of Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation (JRE), and the actual results may significantly differ from the performance, business results, or financial standing that are implicitly or explicitly expressed in the descriptions concerning those forecasts.
The information in the past press releases posted on this website is accurate as at the time of issuance of the respective press releases, and thus does not reflect any changes in situations that may have arisen after the issuance of the press releases. In addition, JRE is not obliged to update information on this website.
Although JRE pays close attention to not have any errors or omissions in the information on this website, the information provided herein may contain inaccurate descriptions, typographical errors, or other inappropriate information due to computer system malfunction or fraudulent operations by third parties. The information was created with the intent of providing easy reference to information for investors via PC. Accordingly, JRE shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, completeness, relevancy or fairness of information on this website in any manner. In addition, JRE does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, relevancy or fairness of information contained in the websites from which links are available to this website and to which links are available from this website.
The content of our website may change without any prior notice. JRE holds the copyrights to the information displayed on this website. Copying, alteration, issuing, distribution and other commercial use of the information on this website is prohibited.

This website is prepared in English solely for the convenience of readers outside Japan. No assurance or warranties are given for the completeness or accuracy of the English translation. The original Japanese language shall take precedence in the event of any discrepancies arising from the translations or interpretations contained in this website.

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