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Portfolio List (Information at Period-end)

(As of March 31, 2019)

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Information at Period-end

Total Leasable Space (Note 1) (m2) 855,902 Total Appraisal Value at Period-end (JPY million) 1,178,420
Total Leased Space (Note 1) (m2) 851,323 Total Book Value at Period-end (JPY million) 935,057
Occupancy Rate (Note 1) 99.5% Unrealized Gain/Loss (Note 3) (JPY million) 243,362
Total Number of Tenants (Note 2) 1,506    
(Note 1) For leasable space and leased space, the fractions of the values are truncated. For occupancy rate, the values are rounded to the first decimal point.
(Note 2) Total number of tenants is the gross number of tenants by building. If the same tenant occupies multiple properties, such tenant is counted as multiple tenants.
(Note 3) Unrealized gain/loss means the difference between appraisal value and book value at each period end. The values below JPY one million are disregarded in both of the values.
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